Young Dancers – Boys & Girls

We inspire young dancers through stories, musicality, obstacle courses and costumes.  Classes are fun-filled with a variety of props including streamers, hobby horses, hula-hoops and musical instruments. Young brains and bodies develop creative thinking, coordination, and social skills.  Our child-centered dance program has been proven successful for many years.

Young Dancers   3 – 4 years

Young dancers march in parades, lasso and leap with hobby-horses and jump over lily pads. We play rhythm games, musical instruments, and dance to songs to teach coordination, musicality, and physical awareness. Dance hand-in-hand with friends learning coordination, cooperation and galloping with smiles!

Prince and Princess Storybook Ballet     5 – 6 years

Dance like famous and favorite storybook characters from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Coppelia, and characters from frozen lands. Young boys and girls learn musicality, stretches and strengthening while being a storybook prince or princess.


Hip-Hop and Tap    5 – 6 years

Learn two dance styles in one class.  Teacher Nathan Bentley started out as a young boy in hip-hop and tap – once he started he never stopped!  Nathan teaches street-style hip-hop with “swagger” and fun tap standards.


Jazz and Ballet      5 – 7 years

Learn the best of ballet and jazz!  We introduce beginning ballet exercises through ballet stories then switch to the clean, crisp moves of Jazz.  Moves are broken down into easy to learn basics and music is rhythmic and fun!