Junior Dancers Programming

Please note that there is a multi-class and a family auto-discount. After a $1000 tuition cap all remaining classes are offered at $190.  The more really can be the merrier!

Ballet I  6 – 9 years

Ballet I teaches beginning barre, center, port de bra and across-the-floor work. Students start to understand proper alignment, connecting steps and the French terminology. Learn about the famous ballet stories, composers and choreographers. Get your foundation to all other dance styles. *Additional performance opportunities in the Junior Repertory Company. REGISTER HERE

Contemporary & Broadway Jazz I   6-8 years

Lyrical and Broadway Jazz combine the best of three styles: modern, jazz, and ballet to create a flowing expression of the music or the lyrics in a song. Be challenged to break the confines of any one style and to use your body, emotions and creativity to express yourself in a flowing choreographic style.   Use iconic jazz steps from award-winning Broadway classics and great choreographers who created smash hits.  Clean, crisp moves are used to dance and act out favorite musical soundtracks.  REGISTER HERE

Contemporary & Broadway Jazz II  9-11 years

Broadway Jazz teaches the stylized moves and iconic jazz steps from award-winning Broadway classics. Learn dances influenced by the great choreographers who created smash Broadway hits.  Use clean, crisp moves to act out and dance famous and favorite musical soundtracks.   REGISTER HERE

Tap and Hip-Hop I 5-8 years

Tap dance is a true American art form where dancers use the sounds of their shoes like a percussive instrument to make music and dance. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and riffing off of the melodic line. Learn clean tap technique through classic and contemporary repertory. Use improvisation to create and solidify dances for performance. This class is combined with the street styled dances of hip-hop.  REGISTER HERE

Hip-Hop II 9-11 years 

Learn the fierce stylized moves developed from street dancers. Explore the many genres of hip-hop from house, popping, krump, tutting, and video-style dance.  Both Nathan Bentley and Kelsie Crowley are hip-hop competition award-winning choreographers and they bring their unique styles to the SDW studio.  Dance to the latest pop music while expressing yourself in the hottest-ever evolving style! *Speak with Mr. Nathan or Miss Kelsie about how to join the Junior Competition Team.   REGISTER HERE

Junior Competition Team  7-9 years

Teams learn, rehearse and compete in three different styles of dance; Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Broadway Jazz.  Team members hone their synchronicity, performance skills and bond with dance friends. Requirements: one ballet class a week, two team rehearsals and participation in fundraising to help cover competition fees.  Ask Miss Carol about more details.  Costumes are provided.  Company Jacket and Competition fees additional. Current team members can REGISTER HERE.