Teen Dancers – Boys & Girls

Ballet III

Dancers gain a better understanding of their ballet alignment and execution for pirouettes, petit and grand allegro. Pointe work is optional but stongly encouraged. Both Carol Sereda and Jennifer Markham Martin are using CPYB’s curriculum and approach as taught at the 2016 Teachers Workshop.  *Ask Miss Carol or Miss Jennifer about joining Teen Repertory Ballet Company for additional performance opportunities. REGISTER HERE


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Broadway Jazz Rehearsal

Broadway Jazz is known for its stylized moves and iconic long-line steps influenced by award-winning Broadway classics!  Impacted by the great choreographers of smash hits, jazz uses clean, crisp moves to act out and dance favorite musical soundtracks. After choreographing her competition award winning “Newsies” dance, Miss Elaine will choreograph the power house “My Strongest Suit” from Aida! *Speak with Miss Elaine about how to join the Apprentice or Teen Competition Teams for additional performance opportunities.   REGISTER HERE

Contemporary & Jazz Fusion III 

Callie Chapman, a 15 year member of Prometheus Dance Company, teaches an intermediate-advanced contemporary class that challenges your range and versatility. After a strengthening warm-up, learn full body movement, floor work, and test your quick study skills to develop new material. Jazz Fusion is a combination of contemporary with fast, crisp, street-like jazz isolations. Dancers prepare two separate dances for the spring performance.   REGISTER HERE

Improvisation and Partnering   

Improvisation and Partnering is key to creating one’s own personal style and aesthetic. Also taught by Callie Chapman, she will help you find your personal sense of movement and develop your inner choreographer when you solve movement “puzzles.”  Partnering fosters trust and understanding of weight bearing & transferring to create partner and large group lifts.   REGISTER HERE

Hip-Hop II – III 

Learn the fierce stylized moves based on the street dancers of N.Y. and L.A. Both Nathan Bentley and Kelsie Crowley are dance competition award-winning choreographers and bring their unique hip-hop styles to the SDW studio.   Explore the many genres of hip-hop from house, popping, krump, tutting, and video style dance.  Use the latest pop music to express yourself in the hottest ever-evolving style!   REGISTER HERE

Tap III  

Tap dance is a true American art form where dancers use the sounds of their shoes like a percussive instrument to make music and dance. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and riffing off of the melodic line. Learn clean tap technique through classic and contemporary repertory. Use improvisation to create and solidify an improvisational ear and performance confidence.  REGISTER HERE

Step-Stomp Class I-II   

If you like hip-hop . . . you will love Step!  Step Teams are essential in every middle school, high school gymnasium! Your hands, body and feet create percussive dynamic dance movement and music! Think of the cup scene from “Pitch Perfect” but created with your whole body!  Step Class is taught by Dean College’s Step Team Captain, Kelsie Crowley!  REGISTER HERE

Teen Repertory Dance Company      13+ years/

Teen Repertory Dance Company members gain strong technical skills with two or more core ballet classes and rehearsals. *Pointe work is optional but strongly encouraged. There is an emphasis on becoming a well-rounded performer by learning time-honored repertoire and original choreography. Teen Repertory Company members, in addition to their two core ballet classes, and two rehearsals, choose two additional dance classes of choice. (Competition Team classes not included). Purchase of company leotard and jacket required. *Speak with Miss Carol or Miss Jennifer about how to audition for or join the Teen Repertory Dance Company.    REGISTER HERE

Teen Competition Team 13+ years

Teams learn, rehearse and compete in three different styles of dance; Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Broadway Jazz.  Team members hone their synchronicity, performance skills and bond as a team. Teams Requirements: company jacket, one ballet class a week, 3 team classes (1contemporary/1 hip hop/1 broadway jazz), and participation in fund raising for competition fees.    REGISTER HERE